Kayleigh McEnany So Focused On COVID-19 Deaths That She’s Lying About 'Paw Patrol'

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It's hard out here for a cop. There's all the PTSD because they can't kill with quite as much impunity as before. Now they have to contend with “cancel culture," which is as real a threat as Tamir Rice's toy gun.

Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany declared that Donald Trump was “appalled by cancel culture," even though he's thrived in his putrid grossness for decades. The president is evidence there is no real “cancel culture." McEnany, who is a singularly graceless liar, claimed that cops were victims of “cancel culture," presumably in the media where they are overrepresented. Your favorite series is either about cops or features a cop. Cop-aganda is almost an entire genre.

MCENANY: We saw a few weeks ago that "PAW Patrol," a cartoon show about cops, was canceled. The show “Cops" was canceled. "Live PD" was canceled. LEGO halted the sales of their LEGO City Police Station.

“Paw Patrol" is a cartoon about a canine search and rescue team. I know this because I have a 6-year-old who loves the show and I can Google. There is only one “cop" on “Paw Patrol," and that's Chase, a German Shepherd. There are also firefighters, paramedics, and aquatic rescue pups. It's not just about cops. It's also not canceled.

You'd think that McEnany's programming would comprehend that anyone who'd care enough to be outraged that “Paw Patrol" was cancelled would also know that it was still on the air. Their kids, who aren't in school, are begging them every day to buy the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower. It seems like McEnany fell for an online “joke" about "Paw Patrol" because that's the quality White House press secretarying Americans can expect from her.

McEnany lamented the loss of “Cops," a show that debuted on FOX in 1989 when she was less than a year old. I didn't know “Cops" was supposed to run forever or crime would run rampant in our streets. “Cops" was terrible anyway and encouraged a generation to laugh at poor people over dinner. There was a time when most of the Black and brown people you saw on TV were blurred (and thus dehumanized) faces on “Cops."

“Cops" premiered a few months before “Doogie Howser, M.D." Can you imagine if poor Neil Patrick Harris wasn't able to leave that series until now?

When A&E cancelled “Live PD," host Dan Abrams also thought it was a victim of cancel culture and complained about this seeming injustice on his radio show.

ABRAMS: I think that it's very troubling that we're suddenly in a culture where all police officers have to suffer for the sins of a few.

There's no evidence that police are “suffering." Most just resent the demand for actual accountability, because they are overgrown children with guns, which is dangerous.

ABRAMS: And I say that for every group, it's not just police officers. It's just so interesting to me that many on the left have criticized this sense of collective justice, right? That it has to be individual justice. You can't sort of impugn a community of people. And yet when it comes to this, the left seems very willing, ready, and able to impugn all police officers.

Cops aren't an ethnic group or nationality. They aren't even a religious group, despite the fundamentalist, cult-like traits. “Stop-and-frisk" is bad because you're assuming that all Black and brown people are likely suspects based on their skin color. It's reasonable to assume certain things about a group for whom membership is voluntary. Black people are also more willing to “cut loose" the worst actors among us rather than rallying to their defense.

"Live PD" reportedly filmed an encounter between a cop and a Black man that ultimately resulted in his death. So, yes, it probably shouldn't be on the air. Abrams was generous enough to want to “have a discussion" about addressing "inequities in our society," but conditioning viewers — who'd later serve on juries — to see anyone the cops stop as less than human and almost always in the wrong has no positive impact on criminal justice. It's propaganda, plain and simple.

Lego has not halted the sales of its Lego City Police Station. The company paused marketing on its police merchandise after George Floyd's death. Brad Parscale accused Lego of “erasing cops," which the company quickly debunked. This was in June. McEnany can't even bother to spread fresh lies.

MCENANY: It's really unfortunate, because I stand with, and the president stands with, the 63% of Americans who think police officers are one of the most important jobs in this country.

I think diagnostic medicine is an important job, and FOX still cancelled “House." The White House press secretary job is also important, especially during a pandemic that's killing Americans in shocking numbers, but it's probably best for everyone if McEnany is cancelled.

[USA Today]

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