Is President Beauregard Trump Glad North Won Civil War? Kayleigh McEnany Too Offended To Say!

Is President Beauregard Trump Glad North Won Civil War? Kayleigh McEnany Too Offended To Say!

CNN's Ryan Lizza greatly disturbed conservatives everywhere when he tried to clarify just how much a white supremacist Donald Trump is. He served up a fairly easy softball question for White House Press Secretary and Disney villainKayleigh McEnany during Monday's briefing.

LIZZA: There's a national conversation going on right now about the proper place of the symbols of the Confederacy. The president has repeatedly inserted himself into this debate. And I think a lot of people are trying to understand what his view of memorializing the Confederacy is.

This is a reasonable set-up to Lizza's question. The president is a big supporter of the Confederacy. Trump defended the “very fine" neo-Confederate statue humpers in Charlottesville and he often describes Robert E. Lee as a “great general," even though Lee lost the Civil War, which is his big “You might remember me from ..." credit.

LIZZA: Does President Trump believe that it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War? And is he interested in following NASCAR's example and banning the Confederate flag at his own events?

Oh, Mr. Fake News went and done it! He dared ask McEnany if Trump believed the Confederacy should've lost the War of Northern Aggression. What an incredibly unfair thing to ask a Confederate sympathizer.

Kayleigh McEnany won't say if Trump is happy the South lost the Civil

MCENANY: Well, your first question is absolutely absurd.

Why? McEnany's shuck-and-jive routine is annoying. She wants to play both sides: The Confederacy was fighting to preserve a fascist slave state, and it wouldn't have settled for just the South. It would've spread its evil to Latin America and beyond. No decent person would've wanted the Confederacy to succeed. Yet conservatives like McEnany claim we shouldn't just remember the names of these traitors as extra credit on a history test but honor them with statues and military bases. That's both weird and inconsistent with how we regard any other declared enemy of the US.

Trump also isn't from the South like a common Lindsey Graham. He can make no legitimate claims to a complicated plantation-based “heritage." He's a New York native. If someone who never ate grits or drank sweet tea has a mad on for the Confederacy, they might have some other pro-slavery motivation. When discussing classic movies early this year, Trump went straight to Gone With The Fucking Wind and not, say, The Godfather. He's more Boss Hogg than Boss Tweed. No wonder Steve Schmidt called Trump the “second president of the Confederacy."

Dukes Of Hazzard (Boss Tells The Truth)

You'll notice that McEnany doesn't directly answer Lizza's question. She's far too offended for a simple “Yes, Trump is glad that Black people are no longer slaves." If true, which I doubt, it's worth putting on the record: When you're polling at single digits with us, that means we're not taking anything on faith. This is the same president who held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but never mentioned that it was the site of the worst race massacre in our nation's history. The rally was originally (deliberately) scheduled for Juneteenth, but he didn't say a word about emancipation. He spent 14 minutes talking about walking down stairs. It wasn't a tight set.

MCENANY: [Trump's] proud of the United States of America.

The feeling isn't mutual.

McEnany also seemed to put her most Bobbleheaded emphasis on the word “states" in “United States of America." The Confederacy's full title was the “Confederate States of America," so it's unclear what distinction she's making. I'm surprised she didn't stress how much Trump supported “states' rights." She probably has trouble saying “united."

Although she calls out Lizza's “first question" as “absurd," she doesn't answer his second regarding banning traitor flags at Trump's hate rallies. C'mon, NASCAR is officially more progressive on racial issues, and the conservatives at The Lincoln Project have already hit Trump hard on the Confederate flag. There's no political benefit in doubling down in bigotry. At this point, Trump is just doing it for the sport.

McEnany also dropped some BS poll numbers about how much Americans adore “our" Confederate monuments. (That's a lie: The majority of voters support removing traitor statues.) The white supremacist memorials might be “yours," Scarlett, but they aren't “ours."

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