KE04: More Inside Baseball

Breaking news at Kausfiles!

"It turns out Joe Lockhart is not universally beloved in the Kerry campaign."
Whoa there, Woodward! We can't wait for next week, when Mickey reveals the well-kept secret that Karen Hughes is considered "brusque and aggressive"!

Further insight from Kaus's informant comes as a movie-making analogy: "Mary Beth Cahill is the producer; Shrum is the director, Kerry is the star--and Lockhart is the publicist and hem-straightener." Sure. In baseball terms, Cahill is the G.M., Shrum is the fan in the luxury box, and Lockhart is the team doctor surreptitiously handing out steroids in the clubhouse. Kerry, of course, is the bat.

UPDATE: Remarks one KE observer regarding Lockhart's tailoring skills: "Well, the hem was really fucked up."

Baker's Revenge [Kausfiles on Slate]


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