Keeping It Real at the 9th & U Flea Market

The 9th & U Flea Market is not trying to be organic, bohemian or new age, and that’s why it’s the best market in D.C. But a quick warning: This is certainly no farmers' market -- there are more stalls selling wings and fried turkey legs than fresh produce -- so don’t expect to find Pippin apples for your Sunday pie.

What you can get at the market is a wide array of flashy boots, miscellaneous and more-or-less "boosted" electronics, and the most bootleg Obama paraphernalia around. They do have a nice collection of vinyl records and vintage pornography at a completely non-asshole price (well, compared to the Eastern Market or Dupont Circle Market), so it’s definitely worth the once-over.

9th & U Flea’ Market, Saturdays and Sundays 9AM-5PM. [map]


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