Keeping the Bush Administration Straight

CarlosWith all the shuffling in the Bush cabinet, our normally 100 percent recall rate for administration officials has fallen off. Do you, as we do, find yourself unable to recall whether Ann Veneman is still Secretary of Agriculture? If John Snow runs Treasury or just runs around spouting bullshit for fun? A Wonkette operative has come up with a handy virtual flashcard program to help keep all the potential co-conspirators straight. It is easily adapted to a drinking game -- though we feel that way about most things. And remember, coming up with mnemonic devices is not cheating. We remember that Mineta is Secretary of Transportation because Many In-transit Nobodies Eventually Take Airplanes. Remembering Margaret Spellings is the new Secretary of Education is easy: Spellings! (Get it? Get it?) And as for Condi Rice? She's the head of the State Department because she lied on behalf of the Bush administration.

Proposed Bush Cabinet [Before You Know It]


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