Keith Olbermann Yelled At Your Teevee Again, Something About 'Treason'


  • A Democrat-lady in the Tennessee Legislator said she had to "lift up the skirt" of every female Republican legislator because she couldn't tell if they were actually ladies or not. Is she accusing female Republicans of not having balls? [RedState]

  • Good gravy, Matt Yglesias is a Flemish separatist! Just as we've long suspected. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Igloo Realtor Jim Inhofe is still 100% positive that global warming is an international conspiracy perpetrated by the U.N. and the Elders of Zion. [Think Progress]

  • Unemployed, dishonorably discharged army-man Alvin Greene has wooed a not-surprisingly large amount of South Carolina voters. [Daily Intel]

  • Keith Olbermann is going to arrest "Alabama TP" candidate Rick Barber for making a crappy campaign ad. [Hit & Run]


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