Kelly Loeffler Not Familiar With So-Called 'Access Hollywood' Tape, Grab Them By The Who What Now?

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Kelly Loeffler Not Familiar With So-Called 'Access Hollywood' Tape, Grab Them By The Who What Now?

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is in a desperate race for second place in the upcoming special election for the seat she purchased at an estate sale. (ALLEGEDLY.) Loeffler is new to politics. She never held office before this year, and it shows. Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp appointed her to Johnny Isakson's vacated seat, we guess because he figured she had enough money to defend it. But money's not everything. You also need a non-cartoon villain presentation and the basic political savvy necessary not to compare yourself to Attila the Hun in your own campaign ads.

The special election what's known as a jungle primary, which means Loeffler's running against 20 candidates from all parties, including Democrat Raphael Warnock, Republican Doug Collins and the rest. If nobody reaches 50 percent, the top two candidates go to a runoff. Loeffler's chosen strategy has been to try to out-bigot Collins, which has "won" her the endorsement of QAnon wackadoodle Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This isn't working. An Emerson poll from Sunday has her third behind Warnock and Collins, which would make 2020 the grand opening/grand closing of her Senate career. But she's steering her campaign full steam ahead into an electoral iceberg.

Last week, Loeffler was asked about her fervent devotion to Donald Trump. She declared during a debate that she'd never disagreed with Trump's words and deeds. CNN's Manu Raju mentioned how Loeffler often boasts of her 100 percent pro-Trump voting record, moreso than anything she's specifically done for Georgians. His followup question was more or less, “do you have a spine?"

RAJU: Is there any issue that you disagree with the president on?

LOEFFLER: No, the president, like myself, is a political outsider.

Ma'am, you're a US senator and the president is, well, the president. Neither of you is a "political outsider."

LOEFFLER: He's a businessperson.

She's still pushing this crap? Yeah, Trump's so awesome at business he avoided paying taxes for years because of his chronic, “I suck at business"-related losses. He appears to be in the "business" of losing money, which isn't an actual business, so stay in school, kids.

LOEFFLER: He's a conservative champion. He's fighting to put America first.

Doug Richards, a reporter for Atlanta's 11 Alive news, brought up Trump's NSFW “grab 'em by the pussy" routine from the infamous “Access Hollywood" tape.

RICHARDS: You know President Trump was caught on tape talking about sexually assaulting women. Do you disagree with that? What does that say?

If Loeffler was any good at her job, she'd have just said the whole thing was litigated to death in 2016, Trump was elected anyway because America hates women, and she's going to focus on her mindless pro-Trump voting record. She's presumably never voted for any specific pussy-grabbing legislation. However, Loeffler isn't any good at her job, which requires more than lots of money and rote memorization of pro-Trump talking points.

LOEFFLER: Look, I agree with the approach President Trump has taken since day one to put America first. What I am focused on is working for Georgians in Washington and being their voice. And being a conservative champion for Georgians.

A self-proclaimed “conservative champion" isn't exactly the “voice" for all Georgians, especially when Joe Biden is close to flipping the state. Anyway, this was a half-way decent dodge, but she didn't just leave it there. When Richards pressed her to answer his question, she chose to play dumb, and there's reason to believe she's not acting.

LOEFFLER: I'm sorry what are you referring to?

C'mon, Loeffler was in a coma during October of 2016. It was a tough time. Cut her some slack. I just made that up but it was better than Loeffler's actual response.

LOEFFLER: I'm not familiar with that.

RAJU: The “Access Hollywood" tape. He's referring to the “Access Hollywood" tape.

LOEFFLER: Yes, no, this president is fighting for America.

Then she said some more crap about the American dream. Meanwhile, thanks to Trump's maliciously inept COVID-19 response, confirmed coronavirus cases in Georgia are trending upward. It's hard to dream about low tax rates when you're dead.

Defeating Loeffler might prove key to flipping the Senate. Donate to Raphael Warnock here.

And if Loeffler truly needs a refresher on the “Access Hollywood" tape, the brilliant Sarah Cooper, as Trump, reenacts the whole gross affair in her Netflix special, Everything's Fine. Helen Mirren plays Billy Bush. (That's just the best sentence ever.)

[CNN / 11 Alive]

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