Kellyanne Conway Has Some Helpful Advice For VP Kamala Harris: Do More ‘Girl’ Stuff

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Kellyanne Conway Has Some Helpful Advice For VP Kamala Harris: Do More ‘Girl’ Stuff

Kellyanne Conway, professional liar and former “counselor" to Donald Trump, was a guest last night on Sean Hannity’s show along with discarded White House chief of staff Reince Priebus. They giddily discussed Democrats’ political woes, and Hannity took for granted that President Joe Biden won’t run for reelection because he’s apparently not as sharp and spry as Donald Trump.

HANNITY: I don’t see that the Democrats have a bench. I don’t think Biden can run for another term. If he ever did, I’d be shocked. Kamala Harris, I would assume out of the box, would be the favorite. Who’s next on the list, Kellyanne? Is it Pete Buttigieg? Because I don’t think that's gonna work either.

Hannity pronounces the name “Buttigieg” as if it’s some obscene sex act.

Conway claimed Buttigieg “ruined himself by going into this administration’s Cabinet.” Buttigieg is Transportation secretary and the face of the administration’s biggest legislative achievement so far, the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Presumably, he should’ve just gone on "Dancing with the Stars" like former Trump staffers.

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CONWAY: I know Pete Buttigieg is a smart guy who speaks eight languages but he doesn’t seem to make much sense to the rest of America when he tells us to buy electric cars.

Republicans mocked Buttigieg for suggesting that regular Americans buy electric cars as a way of combatting high gas prices. They quickly pointed out that a new electric car is twice the price of a new compact car. Of course, even if used electric cars cost more, that increased price is spread out over five or six years. Car payments are also stable. You’re not suddenly paying twice what you did last month.

Conway moved on to Vice President Kamala Harris, who she believes is ignoring obvious opportunities to promote policies Republicans couldn’t possibly oppose or demonize.

CONWAY: But seriously speaking, a couple things. It'd be so easy for the Vice President of the United States — a female at that — to take on children.

Yes, kids are a problem! They’re small and drive electric cars.

CONWAY: [Harris could] say, "I'm going to do something on education, the drug crisis — stuff where America will say, "Okay, great. That's a nonpartisan issue where you can get bipartisan support.” She doesn't even try.

The drug crisis and education aren’t “nonpartisan issues.” Republicans insist schools are instructing kids in advanced anti-white homosexuality. Also, just because the vice president is a woman, that doesn’t mean she’s the first lady and can choose a non-polarizing issue to promote. Michelle Obama was an actual first lady and Republicans freaked out because she suggested children should sometimes eat vegetables.

CONWAY: They gave her a Russian title to work on the southern border. She's the Border Czar and she went one time. Her boss has gone no times.

“Czar” is a Russian word, you pandering hack, that is commonly used in US politics to refer to an executive branch official. Donald Trump had several czars himself.

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Conway also had the gall to say that Harris has turned “dream jobs” in her office until “a nightmare,” because prominent staffers have resigned. The Trump White House had a documented history of dysfunction and chaos, and that was on its good days. She’s sharing a screen with Reince Priebus, who lasted a whopping six months as chief of staff. The Trump administration’s turnover rate exceeded his five predecessors full first terms. Harris’s staff departures haven’t resulted in a flood of tell-all exposes or anonymous op-eds about how she’s deranged and her staff secretly protects the nation from her worst impulses.

The GOP’s relentless sexist smears can’t erase one simple fact: Harris has never employed a serial Hatch Act-violating liar like Kellyanne Conway. That’s more than enough to maintain our faith in the vice president.

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