Ken Burns Should Be So Proud

  • American forces go all willy-nilly into whatever Arab nation they want because, you know, why would Iran or Syria mind a little cross-border excursion? [New York Times]
  • Every American sacrifices and does their part at home to help the war effort abroad. Ha ha ha, just kidding, we're going to let China pay for this one. [New York Times]
  • Colleagues grapple with the prospect of John McCain ascending from grumpy-gus Senator to sociopathically ill-tempered President. [Washington Post, Politico]
  • But can he overcome his precious tolerance of the evil al-Qaeda Mexicans who are destroying America one lettuce field at a time? [LA Times]
  • With 11 months left in office, there's never a better time to start hiring diplomats. [Washington Post]
  • For some reason, the GOP is having trouble turning memories of their sound governance into campaign cash. [The Hill, The Hill]
  • Oprah and the Kennedys make for a formidable political force. [Politico]
  • We're moving closer and closer to the time when the 527 groups so vital to the function of Democracy are operating at full steam, year round. [Wall Street Journal]

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