Ken Mehlman: Just Like Us

ken%20mehlman%20ken%20mehlmann%20headshot.gifRNC chair Ken Mehlman may be one of the most powerful men in politics. But just like a regular guy, he likes to dance and drink. And he gets into arguments at the dry cleaners -- which he did yesterday morning.

You can check out the full story -- it all feels very "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- after the jump.

From No Pasa Nada -- the blog that recently brought us an eyewitness account of Katherine Harris's bad parking job -- we get this report:

From outside of my dry cleaner, I noticed the woman who I should say has always been quite kind to me, waving her hands around and speaking loudly to the man in front of me. He looked like an average white male, nothing remotely special about him, I would say. Anyway, the two were having a loud back and forth between each other...

The man would scream louder at the woman about how he wanted his money back or he would no longer be visiting that particular dry cleaner. The woman tried as best she could in broken English to explain that she and her sister treat the man very well because he is "a very important man," but then went on to say that he had no manners, despite that she sat down to write him a check for $130 to replace the shirt that he lost a year ago. A freaking year ago.

I had no idea who the man was and was more appalled at his behavior at 7AM more than anything. She had him write down his name and I was unable to view it. So I moved closer to catch a glimpse of the name on the receipts...Indeed it was "a very important man" with great clout and many followers. This is a man that I also happen to despise with the fury of a thousand fiery suns and really it didn't shock me that he would be rude to someone doing a service for him.

This is just an excerpt; check out the complete story here. Enjoy!

The Entitlement Clause [No Pasa Nada]

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