Ken Who?

"Ken Lay was too weird to live, too rare to die..." (AP)

Tony Snow on the passing of "Kenny Boy" Lay:

Q: What has been the President's reaction to the death of Ken Lay?

SNOW: I really have not talked to him about it. I will give you my own personal reaction, which is that when somebody dies, you leave behind those that grieve, and I think that they deserve our compassion. But -- I don't know, what do you think would be the appropriate thing to say?

Q: I do not know. I don't know him. The President was his friend, not me.

SNOW: No, the President has described Ken Lay as an acquaintance, and many of the President's acquaintances have passed on during his time in office. Again, I think that it is sort of an interesting question but not answerable by me.

Thinkprogress has the video.

Yes, an acquaintance.

Bush, clearly shaken by his non-friend's passing, cheerfully and goofily bought a reporter a cup of coffee at a Dunkin Donuts today. With his very own money! Your surreal press op theater transcript, after the jump.

Q Mr. President, North Korea -- do you believe there should be --

THE PRESIDENT: April, would you like me to buy you a cup of coffee?

MS. RYAN: I would love you to.

THE PRESIDENT: What would you want in it?

MS. RYAN: Anything you want to give me.

THE PRESIDENT: What would you like in it, cream and sugar?

MS. RYAN: Sure, sir. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: It's coming your way. It's in the spirit of --

MS. RYAN: Spirit of what?

THE PRESIDENT: Spirit of reaching out.

MS. RYAN: All right. And you got money in your pocket. Do you typically keep money in your pocket?

THE PRESIDENT: No, this is -- Jared let me have this. (Laughter.) I'll repay him. The man offered to give me the coffee for free. You can't run a business if you give your coffee away. I understand how commerce works. He offers a product I want, I then pay for that product -- I'll handle that, sir, thank you -- (laughter.)

MS. RYAN: Mr. President, thank you so much.

THE PRESIDENT: Anything for you.

MS. RYAN: Thank you. Presidential coffee, mmm.

END 11:08 A.M. EDT

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