Kentucky's New Whacknut Governor Suing Planned Parenthood, For The Ladies

No really, he's just looking out for you girls

We have seen a lot of really dumb reasons for making conservative "pro-life" flared nostrils and GRRRRR noises at women's health clinics. And up until now, we might have said the gold medal for dumbest frickin' reason goes to these gun-toting taint sores in Kansas, who demanded closure of an abortion clinic because such unsavory establishments tend to attract gun-toting taint sores, and no one wants those kinds of people in the neighborhood!

[contextly_sidebar id="PLKzRarblofK5S6qejZzf93DILK6JVem"]But hip hip hooray and mazel tov to you, Kentucky, because you're now a contender, thanks to your shiny new shart stain of a wingnut governor, Matt Bevin, whom you wisely elected last November to strip you of your healthcare you love so much. (Smart move, Kentucky!) So what's Bevin's beef with ladycare, besides the obvious offense of "lady" and "care"? His administration filed a lawsuit this week, for more than $900,000 in fines, against the Louisville Planned Parenthood for -- brace yourselves -- performing abortions. A whole 23 of them since December.

But aren't abortions legal in U.S. America, and isn't that why all the loose women go to the Planned Parenthood abortionplex, to kill some babies and dance some disco? Well, yeah. So what's the problem? According to the Bevin administration's lawsuit, Planned Parenthood was "placing its patients at extreme risk to their health, safety, and lives" by operating without the appropriate paperwork. OH GOD, THINK OF THE LIVES AT STAKE!

Perhaps the allegations are true, and Planned Parenthood has been maliciously and illegally jeopardizing women's safety by performing one of the safest procedures in modern medicine to them. And tsk-tsk if true, Planned Parenthood!

But you'll kindly pardon us for questioning the motivations of the governor who described himself in a statement about this lawsuit as "an unapologetically prolife individual," and insisted his administration "will have no tolerance for the type of brazen disregard that Planned Parenthood has shown for both the safety of women and the rule of law." Bevin didn't seem especially concerned with women's care and safety when he was campaigning against renewal of the Violence Against Women Act. (Oh yeah, we have a looooong memory, governor.)

[contextly_sidebar id="fHVSh2nQVSEBD1dEk6sXof48Ee9dqMUa"]Also? Since we are accustomed to bogus investigations not only vindicating Planned Parenthood, but revealing that the "pro-lifers" ostensibly looking out for the ladies are in fact the REAL CRIMERS, we're inclined to give the organization, and not the "pro-life" governor and his unabashedly "pro-life" agenda, the benefit of the doubt here. That almost always turns out to be the safest bet.

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