Kerry Defends Nixon, Windsurfing

No thanks. - WonketteAre you getting Kerry Fever again? Neither are we. But the official 2004 Fall Guy is gearing up for another brave campaign to keep Republicans in the White House forever, as evidenced by a) Some minor staff re-jiggering in his Washington office, and B) A craptacular interview in Details, the lifestyle magazine for men who just dress gay.

Asked about his habit of being photographed while "windsurfing," Kerry says, "I challenge anyone who makes fun of windsurfing to come out and do it with me and see how long they last." First, that is not our idea of a fun date. Second, the issue wasn't whether windsurfing is a physically demanding leisure activity -- it was that it looks like another expensive hobby of the coastal rich, because that's what it is. Bush's handlers bought a fake "ranch" for their Yankee Preppie Yalie Cheerleader and next thing you know he's a "cowboy." It works, because Americans are simple. Who calls him "cowboy" most? Dumb liberals!

More crap, after the jump.

Next, Kerry defends his interest in running for president again by comparing himself to Richard Nixon:

You know, different people have different feelings. Some people react and say, "Oh, you lost. Why try again?" Well, John McCain ran and lost, and he's trying again. Ronald Reagan ran four times. Richard Nixon lost the presidency, then ran for governor, lost the governorship, and then six years later, he was president"
Yeah, and six years after that, he was run out of Washington like vermin. And he never "lost the governorship," he lost the election -- Nixon was never governor of California.

Whatever, there's no point trying to talk sense into ol' Skull & Bones. He'll run, the CIA will get him the nomination, and WALNUTS! will become president for life and we'll finally have that End of the World the Jesus Freaks are so excited about.

John Kerry Uncut [Details]


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