Kevin McCarthy Demonstrates MAGA Bona Fides By Boning Jan. 6 Select Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a giant whore.

That is all.

Okay, that is not quite all. But watching this shameful display of obstructionism as McCarthy tries to ratfuck the January 6 commission should put paid to any future mealy-mouthed equivocation and both-sides blather. One party is trying to burn down DC in attempt to maintain minority rule, and one party is trying to govern.

As Punchbowl News was first to report this morning, McCarthy told his caucus in a closed door meeting yesterday that any House Republican who agrees to participate in the select committee investigation into the Capitol Riot will be stripped of their committee assignments.

"If any Republican accepts an appointment from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the Jan. 6 select committee, they better be ready to get all their committee assignments from her," the newsletter reported. "Republicans, McCarthy said, get their committee assignments from Republicans -- not from Democrats. Or else."

So, to recap ...

Republicans told an outrageous pile of lies about election fraud, whipping their maniac supporters into a violent frenzy. Thousands of those maniac supporters descended on the nation's Capitol, intent on obstructing the peaceful, democratic transition of power. Egged on by Republicans, a cohort of these supporters stormed the seat of power, threatening violence against elected officials and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. Congressional Democrats negotiated for weeks to establish a bipartisan commission to investigate this attempted coup, giving Republicans everything they wanted to secure their cooperation. But Senate Republicans killed the deal via the filibuster, because God forbid anyone investigate their role in fomenting an attempted coup.

And now they're boycotting the only mode of legislative inquiry into the attack on our country because Kevin McCarthy is too much of a limpdick to even go full MAGA and stick Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan on there. Much less give Democrats — not to say democracy itself — a "win" by fulfilling his obligation as an official sent to Washington to carry out the people's business.

This is a guy who can't stand up to lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene; who allows Matt Gaetz to sit on the House Judiciary Committee, even as he's the subject of a federal investigation involving the sex trafficking of a minor; who did jackshit to rein in Paul Gosar, even as he's hosting fundraisers with Jew-bashing bigots.

To paraphrase a famous Coen brothers movie, these people are nihilists. They care about nothing.

As Punchbowl notes, "the only Republicans that Pelosi seems to be considering for the new select committee are Reps. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), who voted for it. Although both of them may be out of Congress by 2023." And while following through with his threats might be "a bridge too far," the fact that he's going there at all "lays bare how he views Pelosi's idea to name one of his lawmakers to the panel investigating the insurrection."

For his part, Kinzinger seems all out of fucks to give.

"Who gives a shit?" he told reporters, adding, "When you've got people who say crazy stuff and you're not gonna make that threat, but you make that threat to truth-tellers, you've lost any credibility."

Kevin McCarthy had credibility at some point in time? Well, shit, that is big news!

And BREAKING, Speaker Pelosi has just named Liz Cheney to the select committee, prompting Elise Stefanik, who replaced her as conference chair, to snark, "If she wants to be a pawn of Pelosi, that's her choice."

Ain't she a [REDACTED]?


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