Kinda Surprised It Took This Long To Get 'Dennis Prager' And 'Horse Dewormer' In The Same Headline

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Kinda Surprised It Took This Long To Get 'Dennis Prager' And 'Horse Dewormer' In The Same Headline

Dennis Prager — scholar, gentleman, gentleman scholar! — is the next wingnut man to tell us why the medical community is an idiot and why he knows that horse dewormer is better for people than vaccines. And you know you can listen to Dennis, because he has a fake college and everything!

Prager was on his YouTube show spreading misinformation yesterday, and Media Matters captured the transcript, because they like punishing themselves like that:

DENNIS PRAGER (HOST): Why should doctors be any better than lawyers, or professors, or any other group that has disgraced itself in American life? There's no reason. Doctors have the same degree of wisdom as gender studies professors.

We'd think they know a lot about doctoring, the way gender studies professors know a lot about gender studies, but something tells us Dennis thinks that's wrong.

PRAGER: The issue isn't medical knowledge.


PRAGER: The issue is wisdom and courage.


PRAGER: There are plenty of doctors who have it. Read about The Great Barrington Declaration.

Just googled it. At first glance, it's supposed to look like a thing where over 850,000 medical professionals around the world have SIGNED A DECLARATION because they are upset about all these public health policies to stop COVID. Specifically, it advocates for a magical thinking kind of herd immunity. But if you click further, you find that 797,000 of them are actually "concerned citizens" (read: morons). The rest allegedly have something to do with medicine, but you can't exactly click to see their names and read through the credentials of every single one. Real medical experts think the document is a total piece of shit.

But anyway, you can sign it yourself! Look at you, Great Barrington! You have signed a declaration!

If you want to become stupider, enjoy their FAQ.

PRAGER: Your doctor knows nothing about COVID, nothing. All they know is how the virus works, that's all they know.

Dumb doctors, just knowing about how viruses work!

PRAGER: It is an amazing thing that listening to this show, of a non-doctor, you have learned more about COVID, more about masks, than your doctor probably knows.

Have we though?

PRAGER: Not only is it not a boast, it is totally meant to be an attack on the medical profession. I should not know 10 times more than your doctor about all of the issues with therapeutics.

And you do not.

PRAGER: And if your doctor thinks ivermectin is dangerous, change your doctor. And I mean it. Might be a nice guy, go golfing with him, or her. But check out another doctor.

Take a bunch of horse dewormers and call Dennis in the morning, that's what the Great Barringtons of the world say!

This has been another episode of science time with Dennis Prager.

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