Kirk Cameron Wonders Why No Station Will Air Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Hate Group


This weekend, Kirk Cameron will be hosting a live musical fundraiser called "Hope Rising," with all donations going toward Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse — the non-profit that is setting up tents in Central Park to help people infected with COVID-19 (or the mole children, if you believe that kind of thing) and which won't let anyone volunteer to help unless they sign a contract swearing that they oppose abortion and don't think LGBT people should have any rights.

It will be livestreamed on Facebook on Sunday, on account of how no actual television network wants anything to do with an anti-gay hate group.

In an interview flagged by Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist, Cameron describes how shocked and appalled he was that not one major network wanted to air this little homophobe jamboree.

Via Christian Post:

CP: Your sister Candace Cameron Bure shared on Instagram Live that Hope Rising was supposed to air on a major network on Easter. What happened?

Cameron: We had a major network who wanted to wanted to air Hope Rising, and at the very last minute, just days before Easter, they decided to pull out and they didn't tell us why. But we assume it was perhaps because it was too Christian.

Then we offered it to all the other major networks and they all said "no." Can you believe it? During a time when people are praying more than ever, when people want to hear from God, when they want to feel His comfort and His peace. How could people shy away from people who want to pray with you, who want to love you, who want to comfort you and inspire and encourage you and give you hope through something like Hope Rising?

I can, in fact, believe it! Because all of the people who work at and run those networks live in the real world of 2020 where it is not the least bit socially acceptable to go around hating gay people and trans people and arguing against them having rights. No one should have to tell Kirk Cameron why. It's not because it's "too Christian," or because people don't want DJ Tanner and Mike Seaver to pray with them (though I would really not like that, as I am not a Christian and that would be super weird and uncomfortable for me). It is because Samaritan's Purse will only take doctors and nurses and volunteers who vow to hate LGBT people.

Even if the network execs really hated gay people themselves, they're not stupid. They're not going to risk practically everyone in the country boycotting them in order to air a janky fundraiser featuring a bunch of people no one has ever heard of.

Because not to be petty, but there are only three people I know of on this lineup. Two of them are from shows I watched when I was eight and the other is Gloria Gaynor. Which ... what? Really? Gloria Gaynor? "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor? Really? She's doing this shit? And she's not even listed at the top of the bill?

She is! I could only find one comment from Gaynor about her position on LGBT rights, and it's from 2007, so make of that what you will.

Via Queerty:

I want to lead [gays] to Christ and what he has for them. I want to lead them to him, I want to lead them to truth.


Anyway, this is now your open thread! Enjoy!

[Friendly Atheist]

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