Oh man, fuck you, D.J. Tanner. So here is a one-act play called "Let's Shame The HIV/AIDS Boy." The cast of characters:

  • Candace Cameron Bure, little sister of dumbass creationist wingnut and former hot shit child star Kirk Cameron. Candace, as we alluded to, played D.J. Tanner on "Full House."
  • Raven Symoné, who played little Olivia on "The Cosby Show," which was good innocent family fun until we learned about how Bill Cosby is a serial rapist.
  • Danny Pintauro, who played Jonathan on "Who's The Boss?" He recently revealed he is HIV-positive.

This all went down on "The View," and no, Raven Symoné did not do anything to shame Danny Pintauro, because she is a human being. Candace Cameron Bure, however, is a fundamentalist gay-hating dick, just like her brother, so she just wants to know whether Pintauro knows he is bad, and does he feel bad?

DJ TANNER: I want to know, do you take responsibility for your actions?


DJ'S MOUTH AGAIN: For being promiscuous, going into a lifestyle of having heightened sex, because of the meth that you were using? I want to know what the message is. Because you want to be the face of HIV, to give that a face. But what is the message that you have? What does that mean?

PINTAURO: I don't want to be a hero, I don't want to be the role model, I want to be the example. I want to be the example of what can happen if you get into drugs, if you're being promiscious, if you're not taking care of yourself, if you're not being checked, if you're not living a healthy, responsible lifestyle.

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Yeah, hey, you Jesus-humping asshole -- Candace, do you mind if we call you "Jesus-humping asshole"? -- this is the thing. By opening up and saying he wants to be an example for people, he's taking responsibility. And he said that BEFORE he came on "The View," and you should have known that if you had done your fucking research. Because he didn't come out and say "Hey, remember me? I'm child star and I want to tell you how GRRRRRREAT it is to have HIV!" In fact, when he broke the news to Oprah Winfrey, he said, "It’s just a big deal. It’s not something that people are talking about right now really." You see, he WANTS to talk about it. He wants to show people that A) It's not shameful to have HIV, because nobody fucking DESERVES it, despite what they might say at whatever hellhole of a church the Jesus-humping asshole attends, and 2) this is how you protect yourself.

And another thing, also, too. Later in the segment, Raven Symoné asks if Pintauro and his husband, who was in the audience, have unprotected sex, which is NOT YOUR BUSINESS, little Olivia! On the spot, he tries to kind of not give the details of his sex life with his husband, but says, yes we protect ourselves in the best way we know how, and he also drops some education on what it means to be "undetectable." (Note: When an HIV-positive person has an undetectable viral load, their chances of passing on the virus are FAR lower. Also, there is a new-ish treatment plan out there called PrEP for HIV-negative men, and a recent, huge study showed it to be 100 percent effective in preventing HIV transmission.)

Facts, bitchez

After Pintauro answers the question, Cameron Bure reads a statement about how you should always protect yourself, and that's FINE, but you have to watch the video to see and hear her smug and judgy tone. And, you know, it seems to us like MAYBE that's why Pintauro is out there spreading his message, instead of carrying on with his happy life as a former child star who managed a PF Changs. Maybe he's trying to destigmatize it so that even idiot wingnut former child stars who became fundamentalist assbags when they read the "Left Behind" books can understand it.

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Anyway, like we said, fuck you, DJ Tanner, you suck.

[Towleroad / Variety]

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