Kirsten Gillibrand Is RUNNING! (We Figured, But Now It's Official)

Kirsten Gillibrand Is RUNNING! (We Figured, But Now It's Official)

Hey! Did you know that Kirsten Gillibrand was not yet officially running for President? I did not! Apparently, she had just formed an exploratory committee and did not officially announce until this morning. Go know!

Gillibrand released her initial campaign video on Twitter early this morning -- which, sadly for her, was when pretty much everyone was preoccupied with either St. Patrick's Day or JK Rowling's announcement that Dumbledore and Grindelwald used to get it on back in ye olde wizarding days.


Formerly more of a centrist (at least in terms of gun control), Gillbrand takes strong, progressive stances in the video, titled "Brave Wins" -- supporting universal healthcare, paid family leave, gun control and the Green New Deal. All good things! She also highlights her record of advocating for victims of sexual assault in the military and opposition to the Wall Street bailout.

Gillibrand will not, however, be giving her announcement speech today. She's saving that for March 24th -- and she plans to give it right in front of Trump Tower.

Gillibrand enters a fairly crowded field of candidates -- which includes, so far, at least two people I've never even heard of before. Does she have a chance? Does she kind of look like Gwen from Passions to you? (Not a bad thing! Liza Huber is very pretty even if she was kind of evil on the show) Let us know what you think in the comments!

Either way, we wish her and everyone else (even those we haven't heard of yet!) good luck on the campaign trail! If Kirsten is your gal and you wanna show it (and support Wonkette at the very same time), check out our Kirsten Gillibrand 2020 collection in the Wonkette Bazaar!


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