Kitty Harris Enraged Over 'Made Up Dialogue' In Fictional Film

[youtube expand=1]

For those of you who are rich and elitist and can afford HBO, you may have seen the much-hyped film Recount over Memorial Day weekend, which chronicled Al Gore's efforts to hijack the country during the 2000 election in disenfranchised Florida. The movie was terrible and hilarious, although Laura Dern's portrayal of then-Florida Secretary of State Katherine "Kitty" Harris deserves at least 19 Oscars and maybe even a Golden Globe. Anyway, Kitty went on Fox News last night to complain about the writers of the film "making up dialogue," a serious cinematic violation of ethics. Kitty's attorney appeared by her side on the show to make sure she didn't screw up, such is her wont. [YouTube, St. Petersburg Times]


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