Kitty Harris Totally Against Putting Florida Jews In Concentration Camps

Jesus digs crazies - WonketteShe's like the Energizer Bunny of Loopy Jesus Freaks, methodically making as ass of herself before every possible constituency. The Harris campaign somehow tricked 30 old Palm Beach Jews into a meeting room of some kind, which was immediately locked from the outside so Kitty could preach her message of love.

Basically, she said she doesn't totally consider Jews to be Satanic because the "old" part of the bible was reportedly written by Jews, and she is down with the bible. As evidence of her winning presentation, Harris said nobody in the room was visibly angry. Oh, and today's nutty quote:

"Churches so many times feel they shouldn't get involved because of the separation of church and state, and that is just not true."
Oh, and now she's calling Palm Beach "Ground Zero." At this rate, by Election Day she'll be calling Jesus a pussy.

Harris explains views to Jews [Herald Tribune]


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