Kitty's Congressional Seat Still In Play

The honorable Vern Buchanan of Florida's honorable 13th congressional district didn't get a real warm welcome from House Democrats, because he won under absurdly suspicious circumstances. Outgoing governor Jeb Bush certified Buchanan's bogus 369-vote "win" -- 18,000 voters mysteriously avoided choosing a new House representative. Thanks to legendary Florida secretary of state and former 13th District congresslady Kitty Harris, totally unaccountable e-voting machines were used.

Rep. Rush Holt of New Jersey spoiled Buchanan's oath ceremony by telling the House the election was rigged and Vern should be back in Sarasota selling used cars. And on Friday, the Democrat-run House Administration Committee sent notice to Florida's courts that something better be done. In response, Vern has posted a picture of his pretend swearing-in on the Koran with Nancy Pelosi, because it must be real if Nancy's smiling and all!

Buchanan's Dem opponent, Christine Jennings, has about a million lawyers on the case, ensuring that the 2006 midterm elections will never, ever end!

Bush vs. Gore it isn't, but it still matters [Palm Beach Post]


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