Koran-Burner Totally PUNKED'D By Jon Meacham On 'Morning Joe'


Florida's attention-craved international superstar pastorman went on the Morning Joe today, but it was a total goof: They didn't interview him at all! Instead Mika Brzezinski throws to a soon-to-be unemployed Jon Meacham, who is about to pee himself from excitement and adrenaline. Meacham tells some slash fiction story he wrote about the Jesus in Newsweek that nobody read, and the show doesn't even let the pastor respond, because EPIC BURN (more epic than a Koran fire). But that's not all!

Actually that is all, because who wants to listen to these people blabber on? This panel sucks. It's four more minutes of these guys trying to out-poignant each other on this stupid bullshit.

But the point of this goof was solid, surely! Except this cable-news-freak pastor has spent and will spend hours on the NBC networks. And he and his pathetic hate plan will be no less famous because of this segment. But at least it gave Meacham an opportunity to speak truth to no power.

Meanwhile, where is the eponymous Joe? Probably in Martha's Vineyard, hard at work on his latest Politico editorial. What's that you say? Scarborough got fired writing cute captions for the Express and now has to write and print off op-ed Word documents to be jammed into the worst free newspaper in the Metro? Yeah, the Pet Lovers' Companion wouldn't hire him. [MSNBC]


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