Kos-fuffle: My Last Word.

We've been getting mail all day about our highly visible and well-organized campaign to boycott WSJ, A Small Victory, and LGF.* By a large majority, these emails were angry and passionate in their plea: "What the fuck are you talking about?"

OK, we'll go through the controversy step by step.

Blogger Kos, of The Daily Kos, made an hateful remark on his blog about the victims of the attacks in Falluja. Then people got really mad and started linking and writing and opining. (I know, this in itself is news, because bloggers hardly ever react in an extreme way.) Kos then retracted the remarks, but remained steadfast in his blogtyrdom: "So I said something pretty stupid last week. . . . But if that's the best they can throw at me, I'll simply echo Kerry. Bring it on." Then I made light of the whole kerfuffle and somehow that led to a commentator on another blog writing a graphic description of having anal sex with Wonkette. (Look for the one that invokes "extasy.")

Marketplace of ideas, indeed. (And we could not be prouder.)

Now, a helpful metaphor

Kos's original offense, combined with his current stance? It's sort of like eating a baby and then apologizing for burping afterwards. The outraged bloggers and their hysterical denunciations? Fox News broadcasting multiple segments expressing intense disapproval for the baby-eating.

Wonkette is the drunk at the bar demanding to change the channel to see CNN's coverage of the baby-eating.

*You know how I appear to be caught in a logical fallacy in that I am both calling for a boycott of these sites and directing traffic to them? It is not a mistake. It is "being ironic."


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