Kraken Lawyer, Overstock Lunatic Throwing Money At Private Company Doing Arizona Fraudit

You guys are not going to BELIEVE who is funding the Arizona fraudit! It's shocking!

Just kidding, it's exactly who you think it is. Mike Flynn? Check. Sidney Powell? Check. The Overstock weirdo who scarfed weenies at the White House and promised to plow $500,000 into overturning the election? Yep. One America News Network hosts? But of course! The fact that they were given preferential access to the audit is just a funny coincidence. Like the fact that Doug Logan, the guy running the audit, appeared in a batshit film alleging the CIA rigged the election for Biden. Obviously, this had nothing at all to do with his Cyber Ninja company being selected to run the "audit," despite having exactly zero experience tallying ballots.

After months of unanswered questions and legal wrangling about their obligation to disclose details of the shitshow "forensic audit" to the public, Cyber Ninjas finally emailed reporters yesterday to spell out exactly who kicked up the $5.7 million to fund this debacle — because no one thought the $150,000 in taxpayer money was going to cover more than a day's worth of shenanigans.

"We'd like to take a moment to thank our many workers, volunteers, and sponsors that helped make this audit a success," Logan said.

"Our sponsors have raised and provided over $5 million, and tens of thousands of you have prayed for the work of our hands to determine truth, whatever it may be," he continued, praising his own "commitment to transparency." Which is chutzpah from a guy who had to be sued to cough it up!

The biggest donor by far is former Overstock CEO (and former Maria Buttina paramour) Patrick Byrne's The America Project, which kicked up $3.25 million.

"Enemies of Freedom want to normalize anti-Americanism and authoritarianism. RESIST by visibly showing your support for America!!" scream's the group's home page, before laying out exactly what patriots can do.

Call to Action for all Pro-Freedom People:


1. Proudly wear a U.S. flag pin, and

2. Say the Pledge of Allegiance at 12pm.

That should do it. But apparently those Pro-Freedom people went the extra mile and kicked up a shit ton of Ameros for this idiotic "audit," too.

America's Future, the group headed by martial law lover Mike Flynn, raised almost a million dollars. While his buddy Sidney "Kraken" Powell's Defending the Republic put $550,000 into the kitty.

Why, yes, all of these people have been screaming bloody murder about supposed election fraud with zero evidence to back it up. Who could possibly object to their funding a government witch hunt dedicated to finding that very fraud they insist is there despite repeated proof that none exists?

Rounding out this rogue's gallery is Voices and Votes, helmed by OANN personalities Christina Bobb and Chanel Rion, which raised $605,000. Because very serious big girl journalists always fundraise to support subjects of their investigations, even going so far as to solicit money on air.

This rounds out a week where Logan 'n' the Ninjas had already stepped on several rakes. On Tuesday, the Arizona audit Twitter handle and multiple copycat accounts pushing to export this nonsense to other swing states were suspended for "platform manipulation and spam." And the state Senate's official audit liaison Ken Bennett threatened to resign after being barred from observing the proceedings. NBC reports that Bennett was locked out after he shared some of the preliminary results with IRL election experts, so they'd be able to evaluate whatever gobbledygook these ninja doofuses produce.

Wryly describing himself as a "liaison in name only ... I don't know if that makes me a LINO or what," Bennett said that he wasn't about to put his name on an explosive document without being able to see the math.

"I can't just come in at the last minute and be asked to endorse something that I can't be a part of really building," he said.

Eventually he was talked off the ledge by Senate President Karen Fann, the face of the audit who trusts Rudy Giuliani but not the dozens of state officials who already conducted a recount.

This all comes hot on the heels of Logan setting off a firestorm of misinformation when he testified on July 15 that he'd found some 75,000 hinky absentee ballots. He hadn't.

So, this is all going very well. Totally on the up and up. Nothing to see here.

[AZMirror / NBC]

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