Kris Kobach On His Way To Loser Town But Cori Bush Going To Congress

2020 Congressional Elections

Kris Kobach has lost another election in Kansas. He got it out of the way early this time. He lost the state's Senate primary Tuesday night to Rep. Roger Marshall barely two years after he lost the governor's race to Democrat Laura Kelly. He's a loser is what we're saying. No wonder he's so obsessed with so-called voter fraud.

This was good news for the Republicans, as they were afraid a Kobach victory would enable a more robust Democratic ass whooping in November. Kansas is normally a pretty red state. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton there by more than 20 points. Kobach wound up losing the governor's race by five points. That's impressively bad for a Republican.

Democrats reportedly invested $4 million in TV ads to prop up Kobach's campaign. The belief was that Kobach was easy pickings, and it's true that he was trailing Democratic candidate Barbara Bollier. However, it's a good thing Kobach's Senate ambitions ended last night. He's objectively horrible. His life's work has been keeping brown people out of the United States and preventing minorities from voting. Kobach has boasted about his work in the George W. Bush administration, where he helped deport 14,000 Muslims under the pretense of making America safer from terrorism. Trump later tasked him with leading a "voter fraud" commission, but he failed spectacularly and the president pulled the plug after Kobach humiliated himself in court.

Kobach's only positive trait was his incompetence. His 2018 campaign for governor was one long power walk into rakes. It's obvious why Democrats would prefer to run against this racist boob than Marshall, who's been pushing his medical bonafides during the COVID-19 pandemic. But Hillary Clinton's campaign thought Trump was an easier opponent to defeat than Jeb! Bush or Marco Rubio. Look how that turned out. Even the smallest chance that Kobach could wind up having lunch in the Senate cafeteria with Tom Cotton was too great.

Marshall's less embarrassing to Kansas Republicans and doesn't stink too much of Trump, who didn't endorse him. However, he did support Trump's grotesque Muslim ban. He sucks in different ways than Kobach, but that doesn't mean we should give up trying to take this seat.

The polls show a close race between dueling doctors Bollier and Marshall. Bollier herself was a Republican until 2018, but Trump has almost singlehandedly alienated most women from the party.

BOLLIER: Morally, the party is not going where my compass resides. I'm looking forward to being in a party that represents the ideals that I do, including Medicaid expansion and funding our K–12 schools.

The Kansas GOP had also come out strongly against transgender Americans. That was reportedly the breaking point for Bollier.

Rejecting Trump and the modern GOP's bigotry is admirable. Republicans will try to paint Bollier as next of kin to AOC, but we can help her fight their lies. Donate to her here. She can do this.

Cori Bush unseats 20-year Missouri incumbent

Some other good news from last night: Cori Bush defeated 20-year-incumbent Rep. William Lacy Clay in Missouri's Democratic primary. Bush's story is remarkable. She's a single mom and a nurse who was once homeless. She entered public life in 2014 when she led protests against police violence after the death of Michael Brown. She is now all but certain to become the next US representative from Missouri's First Congressional District.

Clay deserves a shout out for his decades of service, but this is an exciting change. Although Missouri's first district is overwhelmingly Democratic, let's still send some cash Bush's way to ensure she brings the good trouble to the people's House next year.

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