Kwame Kilpatrick Goes To Jail

The mayor of Detroit keeps getting into comical scrapes, which is great because any time theDetroit Free Press needs to fill its news hole they just look out the window and see what kind of buffoonery Kwame Kilpatrick is engaged in at that hour of the day. In our latest installment, the judge presiding over the mayor's EIGHT FELONY CASES tells him to go to jail after he visits Canada.

Detroit, we understand, is right near the Canadian city of Windsor, and there is some sort of a tunnel running between the cities called "the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel." On July 23, Kilpatrick met with the mayor of Windsor to talk about selling Detroit's half of the tunnel.

FAIL, KILPATRICK! The judge was so mad he sent him immediately into the slammer, where Kilpatrick immediately began exchanging salacious texts with millions of Canadian citizens, telling them he was eager to re-enter their Windsor Tunnels.

Judge orders Kilpatrick to jail [Detroit Free Press]


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