Kyle Rittenhouse Wishes People Were Held Accountable For Their Actions. That's It, That's The Joke.

Kyle Rittenhouse Wishes People Were Held Accountable For Their Actions. That's It, That's The Joke.

This weekend, rightwing hero Kyle Rittenhouse tweeted, "People need to start being held accountable." He refuses to let us forget he exists, but just in case you need a refresher, Rittenhouse is a two-time killer. Maybe I have delicate sensibilities, but it makes me uncomfortable whenever known killers rave like Travis Bickle.

Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres from New York noted that Rittenhouse "is in no position to lecture anyone about accountability," considering how he avoided any real accountability for "fatally shooting two people after injecting himself into a dangerous situation where had had no business being." Even if you believe Rittenhouse acted legally in self-defense, you might still expect him to demonstrate some remotely human level of remorse after ending two people's lives and permanently disabling a third. He hasn't. Instead, he's launched his own pro-gun YouTube channel.


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It seemingly infuriates Rittenhouse that people think he's a murderer. O.J. Simpson is the obvious example of how an acquittal might keep you out of prison (at least for those charges) but it won't alter public sentiment. Rittenhouse has threatened to sue anyone with a bank balance who calls him a murderer or otherwise implies he acted unwisely when he killed two people. Perhaps his lawyers have patiently explained to him what qualifies as actual defamation, because he's recently requested an open debate with his detractors.

He tweeted earlier this month, "I would love to have a sit down conversation with the people who think I'm a murderer or try to mix up the facts of my story, problem is they don't want to keep an open mind." People on Twitter don't seem to be following his orders, though.

Rittenhouse is currently soliciting donations to "help defeat the Left ... AGAIN." Framing his acquittal as a victory against liberalism is insulting and deliberately antagonistic. He has no interest in true reconciliation.

His pinned tweet reads, "Thank you to everyone helping me fight this battle and defend our right to self defense. The battle is far from over and our rights are still being attacked. Thank you for all the prayers, messages of support, and donations." The right to self-defense was never in jeopardy. The people Rittenhouse killed had an inherent right to life, but he seems put out that there was even a trial where he had to justify shooting them.

Rittenhouse is a beloved figure among rightwing gun humpers. House Republicans have offered him internships, and he received a rock star's welcome when he made his cringey appearance at Charlie Kirk's Young Women's Leadership Summit earlier this year. The summit's hype man declared, "Men, your number one goal is to protect your family and to stand strong in the face of opposition from culture and evil. And Kyle Rittenhouse is a man who does that. God bless Kyle Rittenhouse.”

So, why is Rittenhouse so pissed? He's more popular now among the the people he cares about than he was prior to killing those people. However, he struggles with the same pathology as Elon Musk: "Why don't the people who I openly resent and hold in contempt love me?"

It's nowhere near sufficient justice for Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, but we can hold Rittenhouse accountable for his actions with our continued scorn.

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Stephen Robinson

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