Kyle Rittenhouse's Mom Hoping To Reel In The Murder Groupies With 'Free Kyle' Bikinis


If you are anything like Squeaky Fromme or Carole Ann Boone or Veronica Compton or Sondra London (you are welcome), you may have considered getting a notorious killer's name tattooed tattooed across your chest or on your ass. Or something to that effect. But that's a lot of commitment.

Perhaps, if hybristophilia is your kink, you might consider something less permanent, like a bikini with your favorite super evil real-life villain's name on it. And that's where Kyle Rittenhouse's mom comes in, I guess.

The Rittenhouse family has set up a website where they are selling various items in hopes of raising money for his defense, which they claim could cost millions of dollars. There is a wide variety of ugly looking merchandise you can buy, including phone cases, t-shirts, hats, fleece jackets, laptop sleeves ... and a startling variety of crop tops.

And a padded bra.

And, of course, the bikini, which you can see up at the top of this article. Not only does the bikini say "FREE KYLE," with "Self defense is a right. Not a privilege," written underneath it on the top part, it also says it on the butt.

I would ask "what kind of people?!?!" about this, except for how I went through a phase where I read practically everything about serial killer groupies, so I know exactly what kind of people.

The merchandise was supposedly "designed" by Kyle himself, meaning that he made up that "logo" and then had it printed on stuff that has already been made. This, too, might account for the suspicious number of crop tops and bras.

There is, of course, a little bit of a problem with all of this. Wisconsin has Son of Sam laws that prevent people from profiting off their crimes, accused or convicted. Rittenhouse's lawyer says there is no profit being made because the money will only go to fund his defense. How that's not a "profit" is unclear, but I guess conservative lawyers aren't big on doing pro bono work.

Via Kenosha News:

Money from sales on the Rittenhouse family's website will go only to defense costs, attorney John Pierce said in an email. "As I have said repeatedly, yes, all proceeds of will be held in trust and controlled by Kyle's mom for defense fees and costs. There is no profit being made," he said.

Wisconsin law requires that anyone who is convicted or accused "of a serious crime" who makes money through "re-enactment" of the crime in a book, film, or recording of any kind or by "an expression of the accused or convicted person's thoughts, feelings, opinions or emotions" about the crime must turn over any profits from the sales to an account that will held in trust for payment of money judgements for victims of the crime. The law does not address merchandise sales regarding an alleged crime.

It still seems a little sketchy, especially since no one is denying that the crime took place. They're not disputing that he killed people. They just think it was totally fine and justified for him to have killed those people, and he's not the least bit sorry for having done it.

[Kenosha News]

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