Labor Day Is Over, So It's Tax Cut Time

  • Laboring Americans, were you excited when your Barack Obama took to the stage on Labor Day and made an exciting proposal to spend $50 billion on infrastructure, which would create many a job building things, through labor? Then you were probably equally excited the day after Labor Day ("Capital Day"), when that proposal was rolled into another stimulus idea of cutting taxes on capital spending for businesses. Still, we don't see any capital gains tax cut in here, and we all know that any stimulus concept that doesn't include a capital gains tax cut is worse than Stalinism. [NYT/NYT]
  • Can't a state Republican Party run ads showing Obama and the Democratic Senate candidate yukking it up at some guy's funeral without the dead guy's family getting all offended? Apparently not, if the complaints from Robert Byrd's kin are any indication. [AP]
  • The Kabul Bank is totally not on the brink of collapse, according to people not among the crowds desperately trying to withdraw their money from the Kabul Bank. [WP]
  • Murkowski-defeating Senate candidate and Palin buddy Joe Miller was the back car in a three-vehicle rear-end-a-thon, three days before his primary victory. Miller was cited for his role in the crash, even though it mostly wasn't his fault. "Then again, you know, there are anomalies in life," said the guy in the frontmost car, philosophically. [WP]

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