Labor Day Weekend Gas Prices Lowest Since 2004, Have You Thanked Michele Bachmann Yet?

Maybe THIS time it's bad for the economy?

Gasoline prices are down, so go fill up all your recreational machines and have a carbon-spewing Global Warming extravaganza, America!

The average price of gasoline was $2.51 per gallon on Monday, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said, the lowest price for a Monday before Labor Day since gas was $1.87 per gallon in 2004. The gas price on the same day last year was $3.45 per gallon.

Just remember when you fill your tank to thank President Michele Bachmann, who made this all possible. Also remember to thank the the hydraulic fracturing industry and don't worry too much about what it's doing to groundwater -- which is nothing! absolutely nothing! -- because it's a holiday weekend, and you don't need to think about depressing stuff until Tuesday!

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No word yet on whether Fox News is planning to ask once more if these low gas prices are actually terrible for the economy; they're a bit distracted right now with all the shiny toys that Donald Trump keeps waving around, so they may not get to it. So don't worry too much, go for a nice walk, or, if you're a damn socialist, a United Nations-approved bike ride, and have a terrific weekend. Just stay off that Ashley Madison website, which we hear is nothing but robots and guys who want to spawn. Why do you think they call it Phishing?

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Programming Note: Yr Wonkette is celebrating Labor Day by not punching in at the Derp Distillery, so there's no Nerdout today, and Dear Shitferbrains will run in a special holiday slot on Labor Day. Go out and throw a Frisbee -- prefereably some college kid's -- onto a roof and have a barbeque before we're all covered in snow and discarded, unused "Perry for President" yard signs.

Doktor Zoom

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