Labor Gets All Riled Up, Arty Museum Patrons Pretend To Dance


Tonight, October 16 through Saturday, October 26: The gays take over the big screen! See them in all their gay glory in the Reel Affirmations Film Festival. Tickets are $10. [Reel Affirmations]

  • Saturday, October 16 and Sunday October 17: This is your one and only chance to be an authentic Asian butterfly for Halloween. Or to look like a poor, fat, dying woman. Your choice! [Washington Opera Costume Sale]
  • Saturday, October 16 through Sunday, November 15: It wouldn't be Halloween without a blood-curdling, superb rendition of Dracula performed by a remote theater in Arlington. [Synetic Theater]
  • Saturday, October 17: It was just ten years ago that the bright of idea of beating the shit out of the office copier was born. See Office Space Saturday night and learn the art of detesting your job from Stephen Root and Gary Cole, who will host a Q&A after the screening. [AFI]
  • Friday, October 23: Team Wonkette had a fabulous time at the Hirshhorn After Hours back in July, and you can try to have as much fun as we did at the next installment a week from Friday. Will the fantastic combination of Intern Riley jigging while Arielle hula hoops and Jim drinks (a lot) occur yet again? You'll have to be there to find out... [Hirshhorn After Hours]

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