Lady Godiva Comes to Washington

Are you tiring yet of the non-stop coverage of Wednesday Morning Massacrette? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but more is on the way.

Before we plunge back into the thick of things, though, here's a little diversion for you. Just got this from a tipster:

Was just in Adams Morgan, and walking down 18th Street across Columbia Road was a 40ish, very white, very blond, VERY naked woman. Not your garden variety crazy woman, either - she seemed quite sane and pleasant, saying hello with a smile to everyone she passed. Not exactly sure on the public exposure laws in DC - I'd heard that being topless was legal, and that the only thing that was illegal was showing pubic hair. If so, well, let's just say this woman wasn't breaking any laws...

Are there any LC's unaccounted for?

If you can confirm this sighting (we haven't verified it), if you're aware of some performance artist who might be pulling such a stunt, or if you're in the area and can get some digital pictures, feel free to share with us.


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