Lakota Will Be Way Way Better Than Dakota

eagle.jpgWell, the Lakota Indians have fucking had it. The people that brought us such leaders as Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse announced today that they are withdrawing from their treaties with the US of A and are becoming an independent nation on account of all 33 of those treaties being totally ignored by the government they signed them with 150 years ago. Maybe it has something to do with the decades-worth of royalties on the oil extracted from their land the Dept. of the Interior refuses pay them. Just a wild guess.

In 2002, our good friend Judge Lamberth of the DC Federal District Court held then-Interior Secretary Gale Norton in contempt of court (just like her predecessor) in a whole not-paying-the-Indians- their-money suit, which is pretty much priceless, so I shall quote:

"U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled Tuesday that Norton not only failed to comply with his order to account for the money in the Indian accounts but committed fraud by misrepresenting the department's efforts to repair the trust and protect Indian money.

"'In my 15 years on the bench, I have never seen a litigant make such a concerted effort to subvert the truth-seeking function of the judicial process,' Lamberth wrote.

"'The Department of Interior is truly an embarrassment to the federal government in general and the executive branch in particular.'"

The Lakota independence movement is over 30 years old but the Indian nation didn't formally declare it's independence until today because they wanted to make sure they all their "ducks in a row." We can understand that.

Now they have a plan. The Lakota will issue their own passports and drivers licenses and stuff and residents won't have to pay taxes so long as they renounce their US citizenship. Oh, and also, you have to live in South Dakota or whatever. That might sound boring but there may or may not be Casinos and defnitely plenty of booze.

Lakota Group Declares Sovereign Nation Status [Rapid City Journal]


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