Lanny Davis Continues Remarkable Streak Of Douchebaggery

Lanny Davis, the staunch Clinton ally and textbook definition of why our society hates lawyers, has spent the last month or two or sixteen making a fool of himself as he tries to ruin Obama's chances in November. During the Pennsylvania primary henoted how pathetic a candidate Obama is; he comically melted down on national teevee during the Indiana primary, while explaining how Obama's lead is illegitimate; he fueled the rage Clinton backers were fake-feeling by chastising Obama for mentioning Bill Richardson as a potential VP; he decided it would be fair to give Hillary 77% of Michigan's delegates, and when that didn't happen, he ran around the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting like a 12-year-old. After treating Obama and the entire world so fairly, he is now circulating a "petition" for Obama to name Hillary his vice president. Somehow, he will find a way (or four) to sue when Obama doesn't pick her. [CNN]


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