Lanny Davis Doing PR For Son's Book


Lanny Davis wasfamous in 2008 for going on the teevee to defend his friends and clients, The Clintons, from the biases of the O-BOTS, and making a fool of himself. Once fired, he would go on Huffington Post or The Hill or Politico and write a column about how Obama was shameful and deserved no delegates because of Common Law. SO WHAT'S HE DOIN' NOW? Oh just writing hilarious glowing reviews of his son's book about basketball. It's part of the Larry Bird-Magic Johnson-rivalry-as-culture-war athletic nonfiction subgenre that examines how white people hate black people and vice versa.

Lanny opens with about 50 "full disclosures" and justifications of why he is writing this dumb thing on his political blog for The Hill. Well, here it is: "The fact is, while I love my son, I would love his book even if I weren’t his father, because it is about more than a basketball game or sports." This would not fly in basically any conflict-of-interest test, but who gives a fuck, anyway:

The book reads more like a novel than a non-fiction account of an athletic event. It’s more about character development than just about sports. At times, it takes on the feel of a "whodunit?" mystery — forcing the reader to keep turning easy-to-read pages and chapters into the wee hours to figure out, How did this clash of titans happen? Where are they now? How do they feel today about the memories? [...]

Get chills reading this? Son or no son, I sure did.

On a scale of 1 to 900, Lanny Davis gives his son Seth's book an A+ with unicorn blood frosting and a Starburst glaze.

When March Went Mad — Seth Davis’s Page-Turner on Magic vs. Larry Contest [The Hill]


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