Laptops to Become Unstealable, Thanks to New Regulations

ombheader.jpgRelax, everyone -- the OMB is on the case of your stolen sensitive information. No more worries about your Social Security number, listed in a convenient Excel spreadsheet, ending up at some mid-level bureaucrat's easily-robbed house over the weekend. Nope, the OMB, taking decisive action, has put its foot down and said that federal civilian agencies better comply with "new measures" in 45 days or else!

New security guidelines will ensure that identity theft becomes a thing of the past -- it's the OMB, people, they don't fuck around. Look: "agencies would have to begin keeping detailed records of any information downloaded from databases that hold sensitive information..." You hear that? Detailed records. Then they have to delete the information. Unless they don't want to. Accountability: try it.

This guy's on the case. Government employees, veterans, and all the rest of the millions of you whose every personal detail is listed on some flunky's work computer can rest easy tonight. Only the NSA, Treasury Department, Justice Department, IRS, and CIA have access to it.

OMB Sets Guidelines for Federal Employee Laptop Security [WP]


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