Lara Logan, Sh*tcanned By Fox News, Emerges From Cocoon As Full-Fledged Antisemitic Loon
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Disgraced former "60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan was shitcanned by Fox News and its streaming service, Fox Nation, Logan told a wingnut livestream Monday. Logan hadn't appeared on either the cable channel or the streaming platform since last November, when she proclaimed that Dr. Anthony Fauci was just like the notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who performed monstrous medical experiments on Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz. (We should note that Fox's far more popular host Tucker Carlson, who said the same week that Fauci was exactly like fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, still has his job.)

As Rolling Stone reports, Logan told the "Stand Up America With Major General Paul Vallely" show (how do they come up with these titles?), "I was dumped by Fox. That’s what happened to me.”

We're guessing something else may also have happened to Logan, who over the years has become more and more unhinged in her embrace of rightwing conspiracy theories. More recently, as Media Matters also reported on Monday, Logan has veered out of mainstream, "respectable" wingnut fantasies like Trump's Big Lie or anti-vaccine panic, and has graduated to open antisemitism, combining extremely crude antisemitic slurs with a bunch of crazy conspiracy bullshit.

The now-former host of the Fox Nation streaming show "Lara Logan Has No Agenda" now has no show, and has also spouted any number of conspiracy theories about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, because there's nothing like a world crisis to fuel conspiratorial beliefs. Among other things, she's claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a "moron" who was "installed by the CIA," and claimed that he's really just an actor, while unknown other bad people are really running Ukraine, we just don't know who. Earlier this month she claimed on a rightwing internet show that

"there are “evil, horrible people who want to rule over all of us and enslave us” and that “we're sitting at the gates of Auschwitz” while arguing about “climate change.”

Oh, also, Pizzagate was real, while both the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville and January 6 insurrection were fake, because of course.

She's also claimed that Russia's annexation of Crimea was legitimate, because people there wanted to be free from Ukrainian Nazis, and so on. Some of her bullshit has even been used by Russia to justify the war.

The crazy antisemitism seems to be Logan's latest obsession. On a QAnon internet show called "And We Know," Logan recently explained that Darwin's theory of evolution had to be funded by somebody, and it was probably "the Rothschilds," for reasons. We like the way the video flashes the name of the show every few seconds, which is a really good way to make sure people can follow the thread of Logan's logic, if any.

Does anybody know who employed Darwin, where Darwinism comes from? Look it up: the Rothschilds! It goes right back to 10 Downing Street, and the same people who employed Darwin, and that's when Darwin wrote his theory of evolution and so on and so on.

Logan insisted she wasn't saying any of this was true (although clearly you can "look it up"), just that "Darwin was hired by someone to come up with a theory, right?"

Also something something all the scientists don't really have the answers, because some scientist "said there's no such thing as freedom," but really they don't know how life came into being, and something made life and the universe happen, so there! Also, have you ever looked at your fingerprints, I mean really looked, man?

Good heavens. In addition to the antisemitism, she's rediscovered Bill O'Reilly's eloquent proof of God's existence, "How'd the Moon get there?"

And then there's Logan's brave March 15 post to her personal Gettr account, in which she bravely declares "Nobody owns me & nobody ever will," which links to a whole assload of crazy antisemitic conspiracy ravings.

"presidents who killed Rothschild Deep State banking schemes" post

That's pretty shocking, really. We thought Gettr had already gone belly-up, and it's still in existence?

The linked article — which appears to date from the Obama administration, since it's full of Barack Obama and bereft of Donald Trump — is really something! At least Logan can say she didn't write it herself, though it's bad enough she seems to think it proves how free she is.

Here's a sample of the prose style:

In 1999 Billy Clinton Over Throws The Glass Steagall Act And Opens The Door For The Rothschild Criminal Banking Family To Pilfer America By Pump/Dump Investment Schemes. To Date, We Once Again See America In The After Wakes Of Schemes Such As The Housing Bubble Scheme And Subjugating America To Years Of Paying Off A False Debt Made By Worthless Derivative Mortgagees. America Enters Another Financial Depression.

We find its ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to its newsletter!

The article also includes the contention that "the Rothschilds" were behind the US Civil War and the JFK and Lincoln assassinations — both of the latter attributed to "OBAMA PUPPET MASTERS ~ THE ROTHSCHILDS" which you have to admit is quite a feat for a Muslim Indonesian child born in Hawaii, Kenya, in 1961.

Also too — near the top, and possibly a great comfort to Logan, with her pro-Russia sentiments — the piece praises Vladimir Putin for his "Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers," and contends that Putin freed Russia from the grimdark horrors of the "Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund" and the "Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars."

We're fairly certain that's not how the IMF actually works.

The crazy-ass rant also included this useful little meme asking the important question, “What Would Zionists Do?” The answer, it appears, is everything bad, from radical feminism, the Queen of England, and open borders, to the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, and porn.

Heck, those nasty Jews are even "the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore."

Also, you gotta love that very timely inset of the popular modern hit "The Little Rascals," featuring the photoshopped faces of Queen Elizabeth, George Soros, Barack Obama, and Jacob Rothschild.

Mind you, we'll again note it's unclear how much of that crap Logan herself believes, but if she's linking to it with the declaration that "nobody owns me," that's pretty freaking telling all on its own. Her crazy claim about "the Rothschilds" funding Charles Darwin seems of a piece with the rest of it, too.

Rolling Stone's description of Logan's Monday interview on a wingnut internet show doesn't appear to contain any such overt antisemitic madness, just the regular conspiratorial madness Logan has been spreading about Russia and Ukraine. She complained that her former network was mostly in the tank for Ukraine and Zelenskyy,

with the exception, she noted, of “a few people like Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson who are doing their best to add some context and to show what this war is really about.”

Offering her own conspiratorial “context,” Logan insisted that “we’re being lied to” about Ukraine. She claimed without evidence that the country’s military is overrun not just by “neo-Nazis” but by “the descendants of Ukraine’s Nazis … the actual Nazis … the Nazis of World War II.”

Logan also seemed surprised that she's being unfairly called some kind of nut for insisting that Ukraine and its Jewish president — who's a figurehead anyway, remember — are literal Nazis, because aren't Nazis bad and shouldn't she be praised for her courage?

Not that there's necessarily any great contradiction between spreading antisemitic garbage and also denouncing "Nazis," since when you're as far into non-reality as Logan apparently is, logic is only a pretty little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad. Is she sure her circuits are registering correctly? Her ears are green.

[Media Matters/ Rolling Stone]

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