Lara Trump Explains Taking In Refugees Was Germany's 'Downfall'
Funny she should mention it.

Seems like the whole darn Trump clan (we'll use that with a "c" this time) was in the media today yapping about immigration. Don, the Don, was retweeting rightwing fearmongering about border-crossing murderers, while Fox News explained Jared Kushner is working on a "comprehensive immigration reform" plan that has TWO comprehensive points: both "Border Security" and "Legal Immigration."

We are reminded of Steve Martin's simple plan for having a million dollars without ever paying taxes: "First, get a million dollars..."

Meanwhile, on Fox Business, Lara Trump, Eric's wife, was invited to Stuart Varney's program for three minutes and 35 seconds. She was billed as responding to Hillary Clinton's op-ed on the Mueller Report (which Evan translated for you here) but after two minutes of Trump explaining Clinton did not win and her opinion is therefore irrelevant, Varney moved on to the extremely important topic of "the mother of all caravans," which will surely overwhelm America even worser than the other caravans that completely overwhelmed America.

Over a repeating video loop showing a vast sea -- or at least hundreds -- of brown people walking along highways in Mexico, Varney said it's perfectly reasonable to change the asylum laws, noting that after all, they let people ask for asylum and how is that even fair? Ms. Trump made the mandatory joke about how Democrats must surely want "all of these illegal immigrants" running loose in their sanctuary cities, then Varney pointed out the ominous parallel to how Europe has been overrun by refugees, SWARMS of refugees INFESTING a once-proud continent:

That videotape reminds me of what happened in Europe, when there was a march across Europe by a million people who wanted to get into Western Europe, Angela Merkel let 'em in! Open borders, let 'em in. Catastrophic!

Lara Trump agreed it was just about the worst thing possible, especially since Germany is now dead:

It was the downfall of Germany, it was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany. This president knows that, he's trying to prevent that from happening here.

Maybe Congress could "get its act together and do the right thing for the American people," she concluded.

Like maybe mandating that modern European history be taught, perhaps. Seems to us Germany has some very useful lessons to teach about what happens when a crowd of nationalists dehumanizes a despised minority!

Just another very regular day at Fox Business, where on Tuesday Lou Dobbs hosted a dude named "Christian Whiton" (We Swear We Are Not Making That Up), who recently repeated the very "replacement" tag line shared by the Charlottesville Nazis and the New Zealand mosque shooter.

Speaking of Democrats and their evil compassion for asylum seekers, Dobbs explained Dems are blind to the dangers of immigration "crisis," since to Dems, "It is the arrival of highly targeted, highly prized and appreciated future voters for the Democratic Party."

Christian White One, who's with the "Center for the National Interest," agreed it's all part of an ingenious plot:

That's right, and we've seen this in Europe, we're seeing it here, and they are attempting to replace us with citizens that they think -- future citizens that they think would be more amenable to voting for them.

Fortunately, he noted, the GOOD Latinos are far smarter than that, and would never vote for Democrats.

In other news, America's historians all quit in disgust, the end.

[Fox Business / MediaMatters]

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