Lara Trump, Grade-A Dipsh*t

Lara Trump was talking with her mouthface on Fox News on Thursday, and she made a startling claim: that "complete and entire cities" were "destroyed" by Black Lives Matter protesters last summer. She's apparently under the impression that any number of major American cities that existed at the beginning of last year no longer exist, and that the reason for this is Black people.

We know what you're thinking: this racist fuckwit married into the correct family!

Here's a video of Captain Dingus Von Dumpstupid, talking:

You may be aware that wingnuts have frothed themselves into a lather, prodded in their anuses as usual by Fox News, with conspiracy theories that Merrick Garland's Department of Justice is on its way to all the white racist mommies and daddies' houses to summarily execute them for refusing to vaccinate their filthy children, and for being opposed to what they call "Critical Race Theory." A better description of what these morons actually oppose would be "anything that remotely suggests white racist Christians have ever been anything but pure of heart, or that white racist Christians shouldn't be considered innately supreme to everyone else." A whole bunch of Josh Hawleys and Marsha Blackburns and dingus Montana state superintendents of public instruction are just sure Garland is coming to arrest "concerned parents" for speaking up, and if those parents are "speaking up" by threatening school board members' lives, well isn't that their right too?

Needless to say, Merrick Garland is not doing that. His DOJ is going to go after vile trash people threatening school officials and the like. If the Venn diagram between that and Fox News viewers and Republican voters is one big concentric circle, well ...

Anyway, that's what led Lieutenant Brain Raccoons up there to say the following:

"If you want to go after people, how about cops that were murdered? How about complete and entire cities that were destroyed? Those are the domestic terrorists, not parents who want to make sure their children are receiving an education that they agree with," Trump said Thursday during a "Fox & Friends" segment.

Most of the Black Lives Matter protests last year were entirely peaceful, but white racist conservatives will never believe that, because they saw Black people on their television screens clear as day and that's all the proof they need. Also as Oliver Willis notes, the DOJ actually did prosecute more than 300 people who were not peaceful.

But man, we'd like to know what cities poor Lara Trump thinks are missing now. Is it Portland? Is it Minneapolis? Because we were in Minneapolis last month and if it's been destroyed it sure fooled us. Which ones, General Mindwizard von Clownpoots? WHICH ONES?

Also, when an Aryan piece of shit whose last name is Trump says a city is "destroyed," do they mean it's actually destroyed, or are they just saying Black people live there and have opinions?

We are just asking.

[American Independent]

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