LaRouchite Lady Running In Texas Unclear How Elections And Hitler Comparisons Work

LaRouchite Lady Running In Texas Unclear How Elections And Hitler Comparisons Work

Remember the Golden Era of Lyndon LaRouche circa the mid-1980s where you couldn't go anywhere without getting accosted by the LaRouche people sporting that weird shiny glimmer in the eye that is the sign of a true believer zealot? Do you miss them now that there are only random pockets of LaRouchiness happening in the world? Don't be sad! If you mosey on down to Texas, you can get a full-on dose of LaRouche from Kesha Rogers, who is running for John Cornyn's seat as a Democrat and managed to pull enough votes to force a runoff in the primary.

Kesha Rogers expects her Senate platform of impeaching President Barack Obama and repealing Obamacare to carry her to victory in the Texas Democratic primary -- and said that Obama's support for "Nazis in Ukraine" makes him like Hitler.

Rogers, an acolyte of the cultish fringe political icon Lyndon LaRouche, was able to make it to the runoff in the Democratic primary for Sen. John Cornyn's (R-TX) seat with 21.7 percent of the vote in Tuesday's primary. She now faces dentist David Alameel to get the nomination and face Cornyn. Democrats, fearing Rogers as the Democratic nominee, have actively worked try and stop her from making it past the primary.

She sounds like she has a great grasp of foreign AND domestic policy!

We never really understand the end game of people like this, electorally. Does she figure that by running to the right of Cornyn, albeit as a Democrat, she'll pull off a win? Does she believe that Democrats want to hear her positive message of how Obama is just like Hitler and should be impeached? Is it all just political theater? Probably not the last one, because lady is a true blue believer.

Cornyn is the heavy favorite to win re-election. TPM asked how Rogers expected to win the entire race given Cornyn's popularity and hefty war chest.

"Three million dollars couldn't stop me from getting a bid in the race, couldn't stop me from getting to the runoff and so you're still going with popular opinion?" Rogers said.

That is actually how elections work! Popular opinion! But we are dealing with a lady who thinks that by sending the Secretary of State to a region in crisis, Obama is the biggest Nazi sympathizer ever.

Rogers cited the Obama administration's decision to send Secretary of State John Kerry to Kiev as proof that the administration was supporting Nazi sympathizers in the country.

"The opposition leaders and there is very documented evidence and proof that the opposition leaders in Ukraine are directly related and hold direct ties to the Nazi interest and what was done by sending in people like ... John Kerry, and others to dictate who would be in charge and control is against national sovereignty and interests of Ukraine," Rogers said. "That's what the Obama administration has done."

Did this lady learn grammar and sentence construction from the same people that taught Sarah Palin? We tried diagramming that first sentence but gave up after about 15 minutes of trying to un-torture the syntax.

Given that running against Cornyn is like beating your head against the wall for any Democrat, we can't decide if we want this woman to make it past the primary. On the one hand, election integrity and elevating the discourse and blah blah blah, but on the other hand, comedy gold for us if she stays in. Tough call.



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