Larry Craig Gets Gay Swagger Back at White House

i'll take your balls, sirThis Larry Craig guy. First he's able to elude that embarrassing recant on his pledge to resign, then he dodges those Ethics Committee hearings McConnell told us we'd get, then EIGHT MEN relate their stories of gay sex with this hypocrite, and where does it bring him today? To the White House as an official guest for a signing ceremony. [Pause, so as to consider]. Larry Craig is the best politician of our era.

Craig attended Bush's signing of the new energy bill, along with Nancy Pelosi and some other Demrats who care about that shit. As Politicoreports, Craig is wearing the wide stance of victory with this little coup:

The senator's office issued a statement taking note of his attendance at the ceremony.

The release says: "Craig, who attended the signing ceremony with the President and other members of Congress, said that, 'producing biofuels at home and improving the efficiency of our cars and homes not only reduces our dependence on foreign oil, but also dramatically reduces our greenhouse gas emissions.'"

"Energy independence -- what it takes and what it means to the American public -- will be my focus during all of my last year in office," Craig said.

Um... hehe, gas emissions... gayness... super tu.... Goddamnit, the well is dry. You win for now, Craig! Shit.

Craig attends Bush event [Politico]


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