Larry Craig Latest Sex-Scandal Republican To Lose Legal Appeal

Larry Craig Latest Sex-Scandal Republican To Lose Legal Appeal

Just a day after fellow bathroom goblin Bob "Twenty Dollar" Allenfailed yet again in his own absurd quest to expunge all hints of gayness from his police record, the original Idaho toilet troll Larry Craig lost his most recent appeal. Craig was arrested for trying to pick up a cop in a Minneapolis airport men's room, blah blah blah, and ever since he has been trying to convince legal authorities that he just has a "wide stance" when he urinates in a very heterosexual manner in public restrooms.

After he pled guilty to a disorderly conduct charge in 2007, Larry Craig changed his mind and said he wanted to withdraw his plea. A judge said no. So then he asked a three-judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals to review his request, and that panel also said no. So now, just like Bob Allen is doing in Florida, Craig is toying with the idea of elevating his case to the state Supreme Court, where he will attract even more attention to the fact that he once tried to have sex with a man in a bathroom.

Larry Craig loses appeal in airport sex sting case [AP]


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