Larry Craig to Retire Again For the Very First Time

Larry Craig is retiring again, btw. His poor spokesman told the AP that the wide-stanced Senator will focus on helping Idaho find a new, straighter guy to take his place by next month. All that weekend talk about Arlen Specter and sticking it out was a he-said / he-left-a-voice-mail-to-the-wrong-number misunderstanding. UNLESS!

If Craig's conviction is overturned by September 30, Water Closeted Larry will stick out the remainder of his term! And Craig has a crack legal team fighting to make his guilty plea go away as we speak!

Uh also he would like it if the Senate Republicans let him have all his committee posts back too. And stopped that Ethics Committee investigation. And told him he looked pretty. And stopped hurrying out of the bathrooms every time he came in.

Sen. Craig Likely to Leave, Aide Says [AP via NYT]


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