Larry King Interviews the Bushes, Nation Can't Really Figure Out Why

We just got around to watching the Bushes on Larry King (you caught us, we didn't see it last night -- we were busy, ok?), and the only interesting thing appears to have been Larry's boots. So, here they are. Larry King's boots. And George W. Bush implying that King wants him to make out with Joe Lieberman. "Politically kiss him," which is, from what we understand, kinda like gay-for-pay.

Other random thoughts, after the jump.

Bush also mentioned his trip to Graceland with Prime Minister Koizumi. More than once and for no apparent reason. Like, after an Iraq question. To illustrate that only 60 years after we nuked them, we can be friends. So, in 2066, President Pierce Bush, Jr. and the Iraqi Grand Vizier will spend a lovely afternoon at Paradise Garage.


Bush: I like to tell people I would rather be -- when history looks back, I'd rather be judged as solving problems and being correct, rather than being popular.

King: As Truman once said.

Bush: Is that what he said?

King: I think he was the most unpopular president, leaving office, since, I guess, Wilson.

Ok, Larry. Anything you say. We like to add "As Truman once said" after rambling platitudes too.

(Wilson, it may be worth noting, spent the last year of his presidency a mental and physical vegetable.)


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