TheNew York Times has a SCOOP, about Larry Summers! He is still a dick to everybody, and the rest of the White House economics team pretty much hates him -- except for the President, who endures his terrible behavior because he is so BRILLIANT.

President Obama was getting his daily economic briefing one recent morning when a fly distracted him. The president swatted and missed, just as the pest buzzed near the shoes of Lawrence H. Summers, the chief White House economic adviser. “Couldn’t you aim a little higher?” deadpanned Christina D. Romer, the chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Mrs. Romer was joking, she said in an interview, adding, “There are only a few times that I felt like smacking Larry.”

Other SCOOPworthy notes: he has "forcefully debated" Tim Geithner, "clashed" with Pete Orszag, "collided with" Austan Goolsbee, "squabbled" with Christina Romer, and told Rahm Emanuel to "choke on a bag of hot dicks" while pooping on President Obama's carpets.

This is why our economy is in such wonderful shape.

Obama’s Economic Circle Keeps Tensions Simmering [New York Times]


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