Last Night a Blogger Saved My Life

koslife.jpg'cause I was sittin' there bored to death...

Yearly Kos was a great success!

I just got a call that someone "crashed my gate" and drove through my house, driving through my office and my daughter's room (her crib turned up in the backyard). Had we been home, there would have been a good chance that I would have been working at my desk, and she would have certainly been sleeping in bed. Instead, though, I was here and she was staying with my folks, so the family's fine.

Kos and other blog superstars in attendance made sure to caution that it may be another 5-to-10 years before the survival of ct and his daughter mat be demonstrated on a national level, but in the meantime, Wesley Clark would like to buy your vote you a drink.

BONUS WONKETTE INSTANT LEDE: "Bloggers" and their readers are the new Iowa (cite Joe Trippi) -- destined to be roundly ignored for three years then shamelessly pandered to for a couple furious months. Or nights. What happens in Vegas, etc.

Yearly Kos May Have Saved My Life [Kos via Chase Me Ladies]


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