Last Night Virginia Lethally Injected The DC Sniper, Who Is Now Dead


  • Obama's team is willing to send some 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, though it remains to be seem how much moral (and otherwise) support will be provided by Afghanistan and Pakistan. [New York Times]
  • The DC sniper was executed via lethal injection last night. He had no final words, just one final insane blank stare. [Washington Post]
  • Swiss scientists are gearing up to make another particle sacrifice to the Large Hadron Collider deity. [CNN]
  • A United Airlines pilot failed a breathalyzer test. Unclear whether he tried "chewing mint gum," which according to high school based-science makes alcohol completely undetectable to a breathalyzer. [WSJ]
  • The outcome of a bunch of helicopters with guns vs. 10 Pakistani militants was predictable. [AP]

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