Last Night's Winners: Seniors, Derek Jeter; Losers: Joe Wilson, God


  • Obama gave some big speech about health care last night. Joe Wilson gave some small speech about dishonesty and its practitioners. [New York Times]
  • As with all political acts, of any kind, anywhere in America, the big winners of last night's speech were "Independents" and "seniors." [Washington Post]
  • Here is a round-up of the GOP's disrespectful forms of non-violent protest: homemade posters! Joe Wilson! Scattered "ooh" sounds! [Washington Post]
  • God, you know, God, ordered some Bolivian guy to hijack a jet flying from LA to Mexico City. Everyone is okay, except God, who feels a bit foolish. [AP]
  • Professional sports athlete Derek Jeter hit as many baseballs with a baseball bat as fellow "New York Yankee" Lou Gehrig. This has earned him the baseball equivalent of the Super Bowl (high praise). [WSJ]
  • Oh and while all this happened, Iran became nuclear-capable! [New York Times]

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