A new contender enters the ring! Move over, Sidney Powell! Step aside Roodles! Back up, Lin Wood! It's time for Paul M. Davis, Former Associate General Counsel of Goosehead Insurance, Inc. (Terminated after peacefully protesting) Now Solo Civil Rights Attorney.

AKA, this jackass.

Paul Davis is representing Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Joshua Macias, apparently the founder of Vets for Trump who was recently released from jail and re-arrested after the Capitol riots, and four other pseudonymous plaintiffs.

If we cared at all, we'd ask Mr. Google about these crafty chuckleheads, like "Plaintiff, J.B. [who] is a former Texas congressional candidate who was on the federal ballot for a Congressional seat in the 117th Congress and who resides in Texas." But we do not care. We might also engage in a more thorough inquiry as to how a couple of "political organizations" which do not appear to be domiciled anywhere, if indeed they are registered entities at all, have standing to sue in the Western District of Texas. If we cared, which, again we do not.

As to the defendants, they are EVERY POLITICIAN IN THE UNITED STATES. Plus Mark Zuckerberg, 'cause hey, what the hell, right?

Plaintiff name, individually as Defendants all current so-called members of the 117th Congress of the United States, including all members of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate who are individuals residing in the respective states they purport to represent and may be served with process at their respective Washington D.C. and/or local state offices at the addresses publicly provided via the following links or by virtue of other publicly available sources or wherever they may be found: https://ballotpedia.org/List_of_current_members_of...

Plaintiffs additionally names as Defendants, all the state governors and secretaries of state listed in Exhibit 1 attached hereto. These individuals reside in the respective state listed above their names and may be served with process at the addresses provide in Exhibit 1 or wherever they may be found.

And no, they didn't bother to serve all those people. What do you think this is, a real lawsuit?

"This is not a Sidney Powell lawsuit. This is not a Rudy Giuliani lawsuit. This is not a Lin Wood lawsuit. This is not a Team Trump lawsuit. This is not a Republican lawsuit. This is not a Democrat lawsuit," reads a footnote on the first page. Which is true, because even all those lunatics couldn't come up with something this batshit — and you know they tried!

The theory of the case, and we use that term very loosely, goes like this: In 2002, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to subsidize the purchase of new voting machines and set out best voting practices going forward. Acceptance of the cash bound states to run elections exactly as dictated by Congress, despite the Constitution saying that elections will be run "in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct." All 50 states have violated the HAVA by allowing mail-in voting, and thus Congress does not exist!

The truth of the allegations set forth herein compels the shocking conclusion that every member of currently-seated 117th U.S. Congress and the President-Elect, who is scheduled to be sworn in this coming Wednesday, January 20th, were not legitimately elected because the People of the United States were given ballots that were patently illegal under federal law, namely HAVA. Therefore, the entire 117th Congress is illegitimate and all actions taken since January 3, 2021, including the counting of the Electoral College votes and confirmation of Joseph Biden as President-Elect and the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump are null and void.

Astute observers will note that only one-third of the Senate was on the ballot in 2020, so even if this crackpot theory of the case was accepted, that would still leave 66 sitting senators. But we've got bigger fish to fry here, kids.

The 20th Amendment mandates that President Trump's term must end at noon on January 20th, but since Congress's act on January 6, 2021 in confirming Joseph Biden as President-Elect was clearly illegitimate, and there is effectively no lawfully existing Legislative Branch this means that the Presidential Inauguration cannot lawfully go forward on Wednesday. Thankfully, there is still time for the only the only lawfully and constitutionally remaining federal public official, President Donald Trump to take all reasonable and necessary action consistent with the Take Care Clause of Article II, Section 1 and all the original intents and purposes of the Constitution of the United States to preserve the lawful and orderly continuity of government.

There is plenty of time for Trump to fix it, they said, in a case filed on JANUARY 18, 2021.

This lawsuit is a veritable Easter egg hunt, with every paragraph hiding a delicious, foil-wrapped sugar rush of pure crazy.

If "the courage of the Court does in fact match that of Plaintiffs' and their undersigned counsels' act in filing this Complaint," that is, if the judge can only be brave like "Plaintiffs and Counsel [who] have essentially signed their own death warrants, or at least the chance at any meaningful career, at the hands of powerful figures who acted, funded, directed, and/or otherwise conspired in furtherance of the evil scheme to strip all power of self-government from the People," then the political question doctrine will not apply. Obviously!

As for laches, how were the plaintiffs to know before this week that Congress was going to swear itself in on, um, January 3?

There is no issue of laches because none of the Plaintiffs were aware of the extent to which the states had violated HAVA in the 2020 congressional elections until they hired undersigned counsel to look into the various election laws. Even if they had been aware, it is axiomatic that a criminal or tortious act is rarely foreseeable, and it was certainly not foreseeable to Plaintiffs that the 117th Congress would take their oaths and be seated in gross violation of federal election law.

Why should the court award the plaintiffs a temporary restraining order declaring that congress is UNLEGAL?

If the Defendants and the illegitimate Congress their actions installed are able to continue govern the Republic, it will cease to be a republic. It may become a true RINO "republic in name only" in the sense that the "People's Republic of China" contains the word "Republic," although it is common public knowledge that the China does not in any way belong to its people. It belongs to a tyrannical, authoritarian, communist police state that engages in atrocities against humanity, including the active persecution of proponents of free speech, democracy, Christians, and anyone else who poses a view that does not demonstrate absolute and unquestioning loyalty to the state and whatever ideologies it chooses to cram down the throats of its citizens.

It's like snorting a Cadbury Creme Egg off the ass of a QAnon influencer!

Anyway, all they want is for the court to overturn the election. Oh, and also to tell the feds not to arrest Solo Civil Rights Attorney Paul Davis or his co-counsel Kellye SoRelle, a failed Republican candidate who appears to have been the source of the false story about wagons full of ballots being wheeled into the TCF Center in Detroit.

Enjoin the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any other federal agency from arresting and/or holding in custody Plaintiff's undersigned lead counsel, Paul M. Davis and co-counsel, Kellye SoRelle, and any plaintiff or potential witness in relation to their exercise of their own exercise of civil rights by their attendance at the January 6, 2021 protest in Washington, D.C. absent a showing for good cause by clear and convincing evidence that said counsel committed some overt and intentional act of violence that directly resulting in substantial injury to the person of another ...

Why, NO, it is not normal for the lawyer to seek criminal immunity for himself as part of an unrelated lawsuit. Just another egg in this deplorable basket.

And here's a sneak peak from a lawyer reading the Motion for a restraining order — we only made it through the complaint, but some people are gluttons for punishment.


[Latinos for Trump v. Sessions]

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