Laughing All the Way to the Bank Freezer

jeffersonap.jpg On the off chance that Republicans lose Congress and the White House hires its Ass-Saving Czar, one of the Dems prosecuting the Bush administration could be... Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.). Despite being caught cold taking bribes for legislative grunt work, despite raising basically no money for re-election, he's expected to return to Congress in a walk. Some theories: His constituents don't want to lose his senority (maybe), he's got more political skill than the opposition (dunno about that), or voters think he's the innocent victim of a racist conspiracy (ding! ding! ding!).

"There's a perception among some black voters that African-American elected officials are targeted more harshly than white officials," said political consultant Cheron Brylski, who added that many of Jefferson's constituents may be wondering why the government, which appears to have ample evidence of wrongdoing, has not formally charged the congressman after an investigation that has lasted 16 months.

"It's amazing it's taken this long to resolve this matter," Brylski said. "Is the man guilty, or not? Is he being charged with crime or not?"

If you're reading this somewhere in DC and having a chuckle - "how could anyone re-elect someone so corrupt?" - well, your glass house probably needs polishing.

William Jefferson and the Mystery of Congressional Corruption [Wonkette]

Jefferson political prospects still bright [Times-Picayune]

-- David Weigel


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